Saturday, December 27, 2008


We set the tripod up for a family picture. Not too bad.

My dad's hands hard at work putting Connor's wheelbarrow together. For those of you who know my dad know that these hands have put to use a lot over the years.

I just love this picture of Connor in his new Speedracer hat and fleece jacket. I've been playing with my camera a lot lately and using it on Manual mode.

Christmas was great, totally uneventful, which is unheard of. We had six shifts of family, but it all turned out ok. Connor got a TON of gifts, we are still trying to find a place for everything. Some of his favorites are his camper, wheelbarrow, and toolbench. Some things have not even ventured out of the boxes yet, we will save those for later. We still have one more Christmas tomorrow since my brother was in Chicago.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry X-mas eve!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday. Spend it with those you love and enjoy the time together. Attached is Connor's ornament that he made this year, thanks to Jan.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Three days in a row!!! I can't believe it. No pictures tonight though. I have ALL of my presents wrapped. I've finally gotten rid of a lot of paper, considering I usually buy each year and never seem to run out. I'm sure I will go out after work tomorrow and find a few other things to buy, as if I don't buy enough for my boy. I tell ya, we will need to get a bigger house after all is said and done.

We have busy days ahead of us. Tomorrow we get off work at noon. Woo Hoo!! We will stop by and see grandma at the assisted living home. Tomorrow night, we really don't have anything planned but church. We usually do dinner are g-mas, but obviously we can't this year.

Christmas day is our hectic day. Chris' mom is coming over in the am. We then go to my mom and dad's, Chris' g-mas, Chris's dad's, and maybe his aunt's. Whew, that's a mouthfull just saying it. We do have off work on Friday, which is super nice!! I plan to work on my organizing. I may just want to do nothingh though, so we'll see.

Monday, December 22, 2008

New pics

The first is a pic of Connor at breakfast with Santa. He was freaked out when Santa came in and Chris held Connor next to Santa. Connor then, watched a few kids sit next to Santa and he walked right up on his own and sat in Santa's chair. I was completely surprised, considering last year was a no go with Santa. He screamed the whole time. Connor is just a child to do things on his own terms. We didn't make him, but he did it all on his own.
Connor's first "real" person that he drew on his Magna Doodle. He has been drawng shapes and lines for a while now, but he's got the concept of drawing people now with all the works. (Even a beard)
There was a beautiful sunset the other day and I grabbed the camera and took this from my front door. I don't think it turned out too bad considering I didn't mess with the settings much, but I did take it on manual mode. Yay!!!

I have finally had the chance to update some photos.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

MY computer is working!

I've decided that not using the computer lately has been good for me. I have become more organized lately and keeping up with all of the laundry. I am trying to make itan warly New Year's goal to keep the house somewhat tidy. Let's see how it will work!!

As everyone else, I have been busy shopping, wrapping, and planning for the holiday's.

Thursday was my Grandma's 91st birthday and Allison's 11th Birthday. They have a special bond because grandma turned 80 on the day Ally was born. It seems like yesterday. Grandmas is doing better, she has moved back to the assisted living center, which is much better than the nursing home. I pray that we don't have any more issues where she has to back to the hospital. My mom has pretty much been taking care of g-mas issues, which has been taking a toll on her. It's just not fair that she has so many other family members that don't really help. I hope that mom and dad are able to get away for the new year, as they truely deserve it. It's been a while for them.

Recently, Connor has just amazed me at how smart he is. He is always asking, why, who, what, etc. He always wants to know who built the roads, lights, houses, etc. He is so aware of his surroundings and know how to get to most all places we visit. I guess thats a goos reason why he doesn't watch TV. He has finally gotten his alphabet, colors, and almost numbers down. I didn't think it would ever happen. I knew he knew them all though, because he would just say, I don't know that one and then say it to himself. Little snot!!! He also draws actual people now with hair, eyes, arms, etc. It amazing how all of a sudden it is there. I love my boy, and his humor is unbeleivable.

Today, we took Connor to get his haircut, and if any of you know him, he is very quiet. Well, he didn't move or say a word the whole time as usual. There was another woman in the store and she said he was wonderful and they don't see very many children act the way he does. She said that says something for our way of parenting. I took that as a great compliment. Chris and I try very hard to instill good manners, etc in Connor. We agree on every aspect of parenting, which is AWESOME when it comes to discipline.

Well, I will post pictures up soon. I have TONS that need to be downloaded and organized, as I have been taking lots. My goal onmy day off on Friday is to work on that. Yeah, we'll see!!! Off to bed, sorry for the long post. I guess I had a lot on my mind lately.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not much new here

just getting ready for our party next week. Note to self, do not make peanutbutter kiss cookies with low-fat peanutbutter. Who would do that? Well, I did, because that's what we had here. They are gross. I guess I will have to make another batch.