Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Birthday!

Today I turned 30 and it was a fantastic day. Chris and Connor got me a sewing machine. I am itching to play with it. I actually have to go with my mom to look at others to see which one "fits" me. Chris bought one of the cheaper ones knowing that I would probably want to upgrade. We went to Outback with our dear friends, the McGuire's and Scott's. I was sad that the Tell's couldn't make it. The kids were something to be desired though. We really should have gone out without them. Susan actually left without eating her dinner because Marisa was being a little stinker. Connor wanted a high chair, and then spilled the WHOLE cup of milk on himself. NICE! He was freezing then, and thought he was in trouble, so that made a scene. I will say, though, Maggie was a little sweetheart and kept telling me Happy Birthday, and she the best behaved out of everyone. She tells me I am "firty". I almost sounds like forty though...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Note to self...

Don't make a homemade apple pie from scratch again. The pir crust is a pain in the butt and I had to mop the floor when I was done. It's much cheaper to buy the crust. I let you know how it tastes when ready. Come to think about it, I don't even care for apple pie. I thought I'd be nice and make one for Chris, it's his favorite.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Not much new here

I haven't updated in a while. Frankly, I haven't taken any pictures, don't know what my deal is. We went to the Chili Cookoff this weekend. Yummm...I love Chili!! Saturday, we had a yard sale and didn't do so well, but my sister, mom and I got rid of junk that we didn't need. None of it went back in the house, all to good will. Yesterday, we went to Marisa's 2nd b-day party at the park. The kids had lots of fun. WOW, I can't believe she is two. Where has the time gone. It seems not that long ago that we were all going out whenever we wanted to, now we have families to manage. Hope all is well with everyone else.