Monday, November 10, 2008

What a goof!

I finally downloaded some pictures. I am going to be busy when it comes tome to order them. Connor got these glasses at Marisa's b-day party in his goodie bag. He found them today inthe toy box and wore them most of the night. They fit him perfectly! Yesterday, he had a stomach bug, tonight Chris has a cold. We all know how hubby's handle a cold... I have been sanitizing like crazy around here. The sicklies are one of the main reasons why I hate this time of the year. All the germs just don't go away. My almost 91 yr old grandma is in the hospital for pneumonia. I really want to go see her, but I don't want to bring our bugs to her. She has some sort of contagious bug that requires her to be in isolation so the other elderly patients don't catch it. It seems to be pretty harmful for both the elderly and babies. Hopefully g-ma can go back to the assisted living home. She really needs to get her strength back so she can walk again. Prayers are sent for her health. We love you Grandma. Connor is ready to go bowling with you at the assisted living center. (Sycamore Village)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

So you ever have one of those days?

That just is awful and nothing seems to make it better? I have been in a mood today, and frankly, I am just SAD. My heart is just very heavy, and I can't pick it up. A smile is not something that I've been able to achieve. Not even around my friends.