Thursday, May 15, 2008

3 days in a row!

I have been to the gym three days in a row and have gotten great workouts in. (So much my hair was soaked wth sweat) I really hope I can keep up with it. I am trying really hard. I have a goal to reach by my 30th b-day. I have thirty pounds to lose. Seems a bit unrealistic at this point, but I will certainly try. Connor is not getting any younger and he will need a playmate someday.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My baby turned three today. It seems like yesterday that I was going thru labor, but on the other hand, I have a hard time remembering all of it. I have lots of pictures to upload, I will try to do so soon. I am whooped, so I am off to bed.

On another note, I weighed in last night and to my disbelief I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks. I have been having a terrible time with the weight loss. It's just too easy to not cook healthy. Stress from work has been driving me mad, I haven't been sleeping, and I have terrible acne. (I have NEVER had a problem with acne before, now as I approach 30, it appears!) For those of you whom I work with, you mad have noticed my crabbiness!!

I have made it a goal to get moving. Last night I worked out on the elliptical for 1 hour. Tonight the same with 10 minutes of arms. Let's all pray I keep up with it. I need to start feeling better again.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Congratulations to my dear friends...

Hayden Michael was born today and he is such a cute little guy. At first I thought he looked like Christian, because of the cheeks, but once I looked him over real well, I see Emma in him. Lets hope he has Emma's low key personality when she was a baby! It's been w long while since I've held a newborn, I've kind of forgotten what it's like.

Friday, May 2, 2008

House Explosion

At 4:35am this morning, I heard a LOUD boom and the house shook. I thought it was another earthquake, but thought it was too intense for the short amount if time it lasted. Then I thought it was thunder, but no, it was quiet outside. I stood at out bedroom window waiting to hear, see something. Nothing, went to the bathroom, still nothing. Then I looked out again, and there was someone walking around in my neighbors yard. Didn't look like my neighbor though, so it kind of freaked me out. I didn't have my glasses on though, so who knows what I saw. It was dark out. Anyway, I then heard sirens, but nothing too severe. I laid back in bed, couldn't sleep, so I turned on the TV. Nothing on the news yet, Finally about 5:15am they said something. There was a house explosion about 2 miles away. Pretty scary that it actually shook our house. Three people were inside, (or so they say), all are alive at this point. Criminal issues are suspected, as which usually is the case in a house explosion. As I am talking, I hear the helicopters flying by. What an eventful morning. I wil need to go to bed early tonight!