Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two of his favorites

Connor loves the two red items in the above photo. His boots and wheelbarrow. Everyday when he comes home, the first thing he does is put on his "work" boots! He LOVES to play outside and he will not got out without them because they can get muddy! The wheelbarrow was a present from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas and he loves to tote it around. He follows daddy while mowing the grass picking up leaves and sticks for him, fills it up with water and sand and also hauls grass and dirt for us. He is such an AWESOME helper!!!

I need to buy another pair of boots while they are still out because the day that these need to retire will be tragic...I think there may be a hole in one as his feet have been a little when after taking them off.

I had my injection yesterday and it was not the most pleasant experience I've had to say the least. I did sleep all night, which was a first in a LONG TIME. Today was trying once again, my range of movement seems to be a bit better. Lets hope it continues to get better.


Katy Bates said...

Little boys are such great helpers!! Just hope they stay that way as they get older!

Hope the shots get better!

Stephanie said...

He is such a cutie I can't believe how big he has gotten lately. I hope you are feeling some relief as the days go by!

Laurie said...

aww, daddy's little helper?